Darcie Chan Mill River Recluse

Self Publishing Success Darcie Chan from Westchester County, New, York, a 37 year old Attorney and E-book Novelist. She self-published her debut novel, The Mill River Recluse, a story about the happenings of the widow Mary McAllisterm, disfigured by her abusive husband, She hides in her white Marble Mansion in Vermont with a secret she keeps.

Darcie Chan has self-published her novel in e-book form and priced it at 99 cents.
According to sources, Darcie Chan has sold over 400,000 copies of her e-book, and she has been on the best seller lists like USA Today’, peaking at No. 6.

E-books are selling in the Billions, 3 Billion in 2011. E-book Readers like Amazons Kindle, are the hot thing this year and getting hotter. Sales of over 3 billion in 2011, to a projected 9 billion in 2016, it’s time to get your writing on. In May 2010, Amazon E-Book sales surpassed, its regular book sales.

PS Darcie Chan was rejected by more than 100 traditional literary agents before she saw some success self publishing with e-books.


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